Jerry Walls
Ph.D. Notre Dame
Senior Speaking Fellow

Jerry Walls

Jerry is a graduate of Houghton, Princeton, Yale, and Notre Dame. He is the author of several books published throughout the world by such top publishers as Oxford University Press and Notre Dame Press. He is known for his high energy lectures and seminars. You'd never guess from this picture, but he laughs a lot. ---->

In addition to his own books, Jerry has edited important collections of new essays and has written dozens of professional and popular articles. He has also been interviewed for several newspaper stories, has been a guest on talk radio, as well as appearing in television documentaries. He has extensive speaking experience in a variety of settings and is one of the few professional philosophers working hard to bring powerful ideas into the world of business, as well as into people's lives in our broader culture.

An avid fan of college football and basketball, Jerry also admits to a weakness for British Leyland sports cars. A philosophical session with Jerry Walls is like a fast, exhilarating ride in one of those cars, with the top down.

Current Speaking Topics:

"True Success: A New Philosophy of Excellence"
"Wisdom from the Hardwood: Insights on Life from Ancient Philosophy and Modern Basketball"
"If Aristotle Ran General Motors: Or Gave You Advice."

Sample Client Comments on Jerry's Talks:

Jerry was FANTASTIC!

This is a short and long time overdue email to describe how much we enjoyed Jerry's speech.

Jerry did a really outstanding job. We highly appreciated that he was able to come in the day before, attend the opening ceremony and have dinner with us. We were then very impressed that Jerry took many of the points he heard the night before up in his speech and referred to them. That gave Jerry's speech a very fresh and tailor-made flavor. Jerry's presenting Skills and overall energy level are impressive. The topic is highly relevant and interesting and made us think. Many people congratulated us on the selection of Jerry as a speaker and gave enthusiastic feedback on his performance. So one more, thank you very much Jerry. Great job!
Matthias Oberholzer
Reporting on a Meeting of all McKinsey and Company's European Directors, held in Athens, Greece.


Just a brief note to let you know that Jerry Walls was an OUTSTANDING speaker for two of our recent leadership meetings in Pennsylvania and Ohio. His message was clear, his method of delivery exciting, and his warm personality positively affected all in the room. We will continue to have Jerry be our speaker of choice when aligning our leadership teams throughout this healthcare system. Thank you to the Morris Institute for Human Values for having a speaker of Jerry's calibre on your staff!
Jon Abeles Ed.D, Senior Vice President - Learning, Catholic Healthcare Partners


Jerry Walls, Ph.D. was my Presidential Speaker for the 1400 surgeons attending the Annual Meeting of the Arthroscopy Association of North America in Seattle last month. His talk on "Wisdom from the Hardwood" was excellent. The surgeons identified with his pictures of basketball players and their stories relating to the philosphy of success and teamwork. I received numerous compliments the next days on my choice of speaker and his message. I was a little nervous inviting a philosopher to talk to a group of surgeons but my uncertainty disappeared in the first minute of his speech. His ability to involve and hold the attention of the surgeons was impressive. He is engaging and entertaining in his conversation. I would recommend Jerry without hesitation.
James C. Esch, M.D., President, Arthroscopy Association of North America


Thanks so much for recommending Jerry Walls as a speaker for our meeting in Annapolis last week. He did a wonderful job! His speech was interesting, informative, enlightening and sweet (thanks to the Snickers!). He even managed to spend some extra time at the end taking questions. All the feedback I've received from my group has been extremely positive. Thanks again!
Lori H. Manning, Vice President and GM, Consumer Imaging Eastman Kodak Company


The motivation offered to our staff and sales associates at our annual recognition program by Jerry Walls in his talk on the "Seven Lessons from the Hardwoods" was beyond my expectations. While inspiring teamwork and goal setting, he also added the proper amount of humor. He was worth every penny we paid, in fact, he was worth more. We will certainly consider him in the future when the need arises and have already recommended him to several others.
Katy Boles, President
Graham & Boles Properties
Winston-Salem, N. C.


Leadership and virtue should not be, and cannot be, mutually exclusive. Dr. Jerry Walls delivered a thought provoking presentation in a light hearted manner entitled "Lessons for Success From Hoosier Basketball." His message was perfect for the graduates of Leadership South Bend-Mishawaka as they made their personal commitment of service with excellence to our community. No matter what task we are undertaking, Jerry models the importance of humor as a catalyst for success. His talk was the exact combination of inspiration and festivity that we were seeking.
Patricia Cressy
Leadership, South Bend-Mishawaka


A "star student" of philosopher, Tom Morris at Notre Dame, Jerry Walls peppered his presentation with humor, anecdotes and sage advice as to how employees can be their best by applying The 7 Cs in the pursuit of their goals. Brought in as a surprise speaker by Jack Reynolds, Walls noted that business today requires tough decision-making in a world of constant change. He maintained that the challenge of change is best met by those who know those true values that don't change. To find these, one must look within.
- Comments from a Pfizer Newsletter write up on Jerry's talk.


Fee Schedule: $10,000 Eastern, $12,000 Western, $25,000 to $40,000 international - Regional Discounts occasionally available, depending on his schedule..


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