A Sample of Past and Recent Comments on Tom Morris
as a business speaker and thinker:

February, 2014

On a new talk about Harry Potter and Leadership

Dear Tom: I can’t thank you enough for participating in our conference. Your presentation was very well received by the students and exceeded our expectations! They kept talking about the lessons learned as you had explained them well after Friday.

Starr Corbin
The Center for Ethical Leadership
University of Texas, Austin

January, 2014

On a new talk about Steve Jobs:

Thanks for being the highlight of our conference, and for pointing out that it's not really about Jobs, it's about how EACH of us can put a dent in the universe.

Geoffrey Dorhmann

Tom exceeded our expectations. He is an amazing speaker, and really made our event special! He hit the ball out of the ballpark with his knowledge, insights and energy. Besides being a gifted speaker, he is truly a gentleman's gentleman. He was very accessible after his speech, with our attendees, which everyone who had a chance to meet him appreciated very much. Tom's friendly, fun-loving approach won over everyone he met.

John Hunt
Program Manager
VIP Americas
Institutional Real Estate

November, 2013

The Tom Morris Value Proposition

As a keynote speaker, Tom Morris is unique in his ability to listen to me as a client, really listen, and understand my needs so well that he can custom tailor his presentations for maximum positive impact. Anyone can see from his videos the combination of energy, humor, and wisdom that wins over audiences, but what's even more important is his rare capacity to use his intellectual abilities to serve his clients in a deep and productive way. He doesn't just show up and give a talk; he brings a customized gift to each member of his audience, a gift of just the right insights that we can use right away to make a difference in our business and in our lives.

Anyone who hesitates asking this philosopher to open or close their meeting needs to talk to me.

David R. McWilliams
Head, Wealth Management Transformation
UBS Financial Services

October, 2013

Tom – I’m not sure I can find the words to thank you adequately for helping us launch The Greater Clark Foundation last night.  You rocked it, as I knew you would. And you inspired everyone in the room. I can’t tell you how many people have sent me a note saying something similar to, “I don’t remember ever being so inspired.” I am very much looking forward to inviting you back in the next couple of years to see how we’re doing and to remind us that we are in this world to make good things happen.

Your work is a gift – thank you so much for sharing it with us.

Jen Algire

President & CEO

The Greater Clark Foundation

September, 2013

Dr. Morris: Thank you once again for such a wonderful presentation! You made another lasting impression on our team! The feedback I've received thus far has been phenomenal! Thanks again for everything!

Joe Viglietta
Vice President of Operations and Sales & Marketing

August, 2013

Tom: You were outstanding again this year. The Retreat was a hit largely due to your gift of time for us. The comments coming back to me on Monday evening, and since, were completely complimentary and most were in awe of both your stamina and the depth and breadth of your experience. Thank you for all you do for Wilmington, and thank you for the excellent experience and shared knowledge you have given Leadership Wilmington 2014.

Haskell Rhett
Director, Leadership Wilmington
Wilmington, NC Chamber of Commerce

July, 2013

Tom: Your presentation last night was FABULOUS! We have all heard nothing but great things!! Thank you so much for helping make a wonderful evening the best!

Jill Alward
First Source Bank
150th Anniversary Celebration
South Bend, IN

Excellent! You were inspiring and we’ve had so many great comments about your talk. Thanks so much for being a part of our celebration.

Melissa Collins
First Source Bank

May, 2013

Want to get energized? Feel good about life? Laugh? Hire Dr. Tom Morris as your next speaker. It’s no wonder he was Notre Dame’s most popular professor. We had him as our closing speaker at two meetings and he was phenomenal. I highly recommend him.

Michelle McCormac, CMP
Special Events Manager
Farm Credit Bank of Texas

May, 2013

Dear Tom: On behalf of everyone here at ABA, thank you sincerely for your participation at our 2013 Annual Convention.

You did a terrific job as the keynote speaker during the ATBI Breakfast. Feedback both onsite and following the event has been tremendously positive, and I know many left the room feeling charged and inspired to set new goals for themselves and their teams. We so much appreciate your traveling to be with us in Florida, and hope you too enjoyed your time with America's bakers.

Once again, thank you. If we can ever be of assistance to you, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Sincerely Yours,
Robb Mackie
President and CEO, American Bakers Association

April, 2013

Tom: We received tremendous feedback from the audience about your presentation. It was quite a whirlwind week, and I am thankful that you were able to make it and that your time with my members was so beneficial. The city-wide lockdown ratcheted up the anxiety a bit again on Friday, but we pulled through and received nothing but positive comments from our members about the meeting.
I hope that we can meet again soon. Cheers.

William Prentice
CEO, American Surgical Centers Association

On a talk in the Boston Hynes Convention Center,
Three days after the Marathon Bombing

March, 2013

Hello Tom: A whole day has passed since you were here inspiring the Fidelity Charitable organization, and throughout the day I've continued to get rave reviews about your talk. You really struck the right cord at the right time for us, for which I'm truly grateful!

Best regards,

Sarah Libbey

President, Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund, Fidelity Investments

March, 2013

Tom: Thank you for coming and speaking to our group of customers.  I have heard positive comments from everyone. Your presentation was engaging and enjoyed by all. Thank you for making yourself available afterwards for the customers and autographing books, too!  A nice, special touch. We will pass your name along to others looking for speakers as "highly recommended"! My only disappointment is that I was so busy taking care of the event that we did not have more time to spend together.

Thank you again, Tom.

Mark A. Dajnowicz
General Motors Customer Care & Aftersales
Regional Divisional Marketing & Customer Retention Manager

February, 2013

Tom: I wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed your talk Saturday at our annual meeting. I have had numerous conversations with employees since Saturday and they are fired up and ready to make great accomplishments in 2013. You did a great job motivating them and myself. 

I have heard from a number of employees that you are the “best speaker” that we have ever had, so we would LOVE to have you speak to us again.

Mary Willis

President & CEO, Fidelity Bank

January, 2013

Hey Tom! We really enjoyed your talk last night and everyone raved about you afterwards. Your passion and wisdom are such an inspiration! I was thinking today about the fact that being a source of inspiration and encouragement is really one of the greatest gifts you can give to another person. You were a gift last night and we're very grateful.

Beth Dixon
President, JLW

January, 2013

Tom, I want to thank you again for the fine talk you gave at our global leadership conference. Your command of the material, insights, humor and intellect were the talk of the meeting and awards banquet.

Michael Brannick
CEO, Prometric

January, 2013

Great job! Your presentation was inspiring.

Amy Leis
Janney Montgomery Scott, LLC

January, 2013

Tom: Thank you for your efforts. You really have an ability to energize a room. I heard some great feedback from the group and I hope that we can get you back soon.

Kevin Wallace
Manager, Learning and Professional Development
Private Client Group Administration
Janney Montgomery Scott, LLC

Feedback on a six hour presentation day:

Hey Tom. Wow, can’t believe a month has passed since we were all together. It really was a “high impact” day and I’ve heard “so much from so many” about how meaningful and profound your insights proved to be. As I’ve told you, I had very high expectations going in and had built you up to a point that I felt a bit “out on a limb”. However, you delivered “big time” and left us all wanting more ...

Bill Rogers
Regional President,
Wells Fargo Financial Advisors

Other Recent Client Comments on Keynote Presentations

Tom: On flight home from JAX. Nothing but rave reviews on your talk. I imagine you will hear from a CEO/Director or two. Thanks again!

Ric Andersen
Managing Director, Milestone Partners

I’m 74 years old, and that’s the best talk of any kind I’ve ever heard! Do you always get long, standing ovations like this?

James Peacock (PhD Harvard)
Prominent Social Anthropologist (UNC Chapel Hill)

Tom - You were a BIG HIT! I can't thank you enough for your energy, the time you took to make sure your message was on topic for our client's needs and most importantly, the generosity of spirit with which you delivered it all. We will certainly look forward to another opportunity to recommend you to others.

Donna Thomason
Managing Partner, EPIC Productions,
For Polsinelli Shughart National Law Meeting

Absolutely amazing – a home run! The energy he displayed was phenomenal. He was able to conclude closing session with a positive, humorous, but serious conversation that left everyone in a good spot. Many in the room approached me and said at first they were a little skeptical, but were pleasantly surprised. A few stayed behind to speak with him personally and have his email for personal correspondence.

Thank you for the recommendation, I would use him again and strongly recommend Tom!

Melissa Burnell, after an energetic standing ovation
Executive, GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals

I thought he was fantastic. Consummate professional! As a meeting planner, the beauty part was the he tailored the length of his presentation to the time that we gave him which was especially great because we were running behind and people wanted to get to the busses. I’d recommend him anytime.

Thanks for all of your help.

Christopher Dent, CMP
Internal Events, GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals

Tom: The SFSP Forum in Orlando was perhaps the third or fourth time I've heard you speak, yet the breadth of your knowledge and incisive application to business issues provides fresh insights each time.

Berkeley's classic (and overused, without attribution) question about the tree falling with no one to hear it does NOT apply in your case. When I'm in the audience, I'm hearing you!

Terry R. Altman CLU CFP(r)
Altman Financial LLC

Dear Tom: I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you on behalf of the Board and Staff of the Society of Financial Service Professionals for speaking to our attendees at our FSP Forum in Orlando, FL last week. The way you intertwine your humor and knowledge make your presentation very uplifting and enriching. Our attendees loved it!

Amy Johnson, CMP
Director of Meetings
Society of Financial Services Professionals

On a long morning Morris Institute Event Beach Retreat Session:
Wonderful! You did an outstanding job. A+ on content and presentation!

Jack Clayton
EVP, Regional President
Wachovia, A Wells Fargo Company

WOW! I cannot tell you how many positive comments we have heard about you. There is no doubt, you now have a tremendous "Fan Club" within the Sea Coast Family. Your name has been mentioned so many times over the past few days in conversations, emails, texts, etc. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate you and all that you did for my agents, staff and management. They mean the world to me and you brightened not only their day, but their lives from this point forward. Of course, I am in that group too and I just loved your message. Thanks so much.

Tim Milam
Coldwell Banker Sea Coast Realty

On a Session for 6,000 top world financial performers:
Tom, I want to thank you for being a special part of our meeting. Over the last two weeks, we have received an abundance of extremely positive feedback from members that are gushing in praise over your talk! I really appreciate the time and effort you provided in working with Regina and Barb to make this a special meeting. The 7 Cs made a resounding impact on our membership and I will also be using them in my life!! I will be watching for your name in the future and hope that our paths cross again!! All the best, Brian

Brian D. Heckert, CLU, ChFC, AIF®
Partner Membership Committee
Million Dollar Round Table
Vancouver International Meeting

Tom: You absolutely crushed it. It was great to see the people swamp you near the stage and it was a smart way to finish the program with the conference ending on your last words. Sorry I had to catch a flight shortly after you spoke, but I can tell you definitively that you were the highlight of the program! I look forward to working with you more in the future and would enjoy hearing about some of your personal coaching programs that we spoke about. All the best!

Matt Klasnick
Strategic Alliances Group

A Sampling From The Past

Tom, Thanks for San Fransisco...
You were GREAT!!!

- Jack Stahl
President, Coca Cola USA, after a talk to 600 executives

Tom Morris has opened up the last substantially untapped source for reaching new levels of corporate and individual excellence, personal satisfaction, and happiness. I wish I had known in school that philosophy could have such practical consequences and be as entertaining.

- Helge Wehmeier
President and CEO, Bayer Corporation, Pittsburgh, PA

Tom Morris's new book goes to the heart of what makes people and organizations successful -- basic principles that sound simple but, in fact, embrace the most important precepts of business leadership and individual fulfillment. His message is a guide to achieving the highest level of excellence in your company and your career, based on practical wisdom from the great philosophers.

- Daniel Tully
Chairman, Merrill Lynch and Company, New York, NY

Tom Morris's new book reminds us that, for all the amazing technological wizardry of the twenty-first century economy, the real magic of leadership comes from moral virtue and strength of character.

Ivan Seidenberg, Chairman and CEO, Verizon

Tom Morris' message is like having Aristotle, Plato, and Socrates on your management team. Bringing the wisdom of the ages to today's business challenges is the most innovative and important new insight I can imagine.

- Philip A. Newbold
President, Memorial Hospital, South Bend, IN

Tom Morris is a real find...a wonderful blend of passion and substance with a treasure chest of insights about the most important things in life. We bring the world's most respected authorities to our executive series to speak to a very demanding senior level business audience. Tom recently received the highest ratings on record.

- Tom Miller
Executive Director, The Masters Forum, Minneapolis, MN

Wow! What a dynamic guy Tom Morris is. Talk about waking up! The room was mesmerized by his clear, concise, and down to earth reality. What an impression he left with each of us. He had the entire room of 300 on the edge of their chairs. We still can't believe that he is gone and the speech is over. When we meet with other members of the committee, the topic always starts with Tom's speech.

- Mary Mugnolo
ITG Conference Committee, Novus Services (Discover Card)

As with those of all great philosophers, Tom's words of wisdom are timeless. He conveys ancient wisdom with energy and humor and brings practical philosophy into today's world of business with huge impact.

John Dillon, Chairman and CEO, International Paper

The feedback we received from Tom's presentation to our client conference was tremendous. He opened the eyes of our clients to the importance a company's corporate spirit plays in its success.

- John Burkey
Director, Corporate Relations, First Data Corporation, Omaha, NE

Tom has greatly influenced my life.

- Bill Burkart
Past President, Customer Development Corporation, Chicago, IL

The secret of success in business starts with a clear ethical vision that dictates and controls behavior. Tom's message on ethics has had impact on the senior management staff of all four of our companies. For us, ethical behavior is no longer just a philosophical message but now a way of life.

- Fred S. Klipsch
President, Klipsch, Lanham, and Associates, Indianapolis, IN

Tom Morris brings an important message to many corporations today. His "philosophy" teachings help refocus corporate perspectives and create an atmosphere of excellence.

- Greg Cozad
CEO, Cozad Asset Management, Champaigne, IL

Successful people all have precepts that they live by, having discovered that there are secrets of success. Tom Morris brings home the value of such precepts and does so in dramatic and inspirational fashion.

- Richard Weingard
President, American Consulting Engineers Council, Washington, DC

Tom Morris' unique application of the lessons of philosophy when applied to business will give any manager valuable insight in achieving success. Tom's ability to entertain while he teaches is outstanding.

- Paul D. Jaquith
President and CEO, Vega Industries, Maumee, OH

Tom Morris reinvents the meaning of "Balance Sheet". It is no longer just a financial measurement. It is a way of balancing work and self.

- Mickey Novak
President, Innovative Time Corporation, San Diego, CA

More Unsolicited Client Reactions:

I know we voiced our thanks on the day of your presentation, but I could not resist the opportunity to write a note of thanks for what many have said was the best presentation they had ever witnessed. I remain fascinated with both the message and the energy in its delivery.

- Lauren Patch
Past President and CEO, Ohio Casualty Group of Insurance Companies

Thanks for providing M Financial Group such a wonderful and valuable experience last week in San Fransisco. Many people approached me after your presentation and expressed their thanks for having you there. Your impact on our group was tremendous.

- David J. Fitzpatrick
Director, Marketing, M Financial Group, Portland, OR

Sometimes the words "Thank you" don't seem to be enough. I would like to express my personal appreciation and that of all of the associates for your energy, enthusiasm, and caring during your presentations at our national sales meeting. I don't recall a time in my business career that I was as moved as during the last segment of your presentation. You had an extraordinary grasp of our strategies, principles, and core values and restated them in an awe-inspiring way. You have a remarkable gift of communicating powerful business and philosophical principles in a way that inspires people to higher levels of achievement. I look forward to your participation at future events and your sharing in our attaining the dreams and goals you so eloquently helped communicate.

- Mark Oliff
President, Paul Singer Floor Coverings, Sherman Oaks, CA

You surpassed all of the objectives we had hoped your presentation would accomplish for our Indiana Judiciary. On the evaluations, many of the judges spoke of their excitement over finding a renewed sense of purpose and an uplifting of their spirits.

- Catherine M. Springer
Education Director, Indiana Judicial Center

Thank you very much for your truly wonderful presentation at the Business Week CEO Conference in Washington. Your material was right on target for this group and your enthusiasm, warmth, and charm came through resoundingly well.

- Laura Soffey
Events Marketing Manager, Business Week Magazine

I have to tell you that I think that this was the most important session our Forum has ever had and will truly help to change some lives in a positive direction.

- Jim Kittle
Chairman of the Board, Kittle's, and Director of a Forum of 14 Presidents

I'd like to extend our appreciation for your participation at our annual convention in Las Vegas. We cannot say enough about the interest and motivation you inspired in our crowd. I feel confident that everyone took something back with them which will make a difference in their work, their personal lives and their philosophies about life.

John C. Wooley
President and CEO, Schlotzsky's Deli

You are the best! From my front row vantage point, I thoroughly enjoyed your dynamic presentations.

- Fred Williamson
President, CSI/CDC Corporation

THANK YOU, THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! You were absolutely fabulous - and I know I gave you one tough crowd! This group is certainly accustomed to top-notch speakers, and consequently that makes my - and your - job difficult. However, with all the presenters I've put before them, none - and I mean none - has been as well received as you. Never before did I have to contend with physically pulling my attendees from a speaker; they just couldn't get enough of you! But, most importantly, the subject matter was 100% on target, and met our objective of prompting discussion and afterthought well into the evening - a mark of true success...

- Jenn Krasnigor
SEMCS Regional Planner, Price Waterhouse

Hi Tom-

Thank you for joining us in Arizona. Your presentation was a hit! The group was completely inspired by your words and energy, and just really enjoyed their time with you-- mission accomplished! The book, the wallet card and the follow-up e-mail are perfect take-aways from the conversation, and will really help to reinforce the main messages delivered--thanks for making them available to us...and thank you for sharing your wisdom with our group! It was great fun!

It was a privilege working with you.
Look forward to reading your new book!
All the best-
Valerie Lux
Aetna, Inc.
Middle Market Accounts Sales and Marketing

We had hoped that your time honored perspective on the issues of success and ethics would not transcend the everyday, sales sensitive marketing individual at MSA Industries. In fact, prior to our National Sales Meeting some individual managers expressed a concern that "philosophy" may be too abstract and perhaps promote passivity rather than the intended focus on quality performance. BOY WERE THEY EVER WRONG! You were an extraordinary force, reinforcing the core values that are the life blood of any successful service organization. You integrate a unique blend of charisma and charm which serves to enhance the substantive message. It was personally rewarding to see the total acceptance and enthusiasm you generated from our group. People have asked me if they can buy your cassette tapes anywhere and many have told me your presentation brought tears to their eyes. Most important, Tom, is the residual value of your presentation. People feel good about the Company, they understand better what we mean when we talk about our Company culture and the Company "soul".

- Barry L. Schneider
President and CEO, MSA Industries, San Fransisco, CA

If Aristotle Ran General Motors is, in my opinion, of the greatest importance to business of any book I have ever read.

- John Waldroup
Founder and Owner, The Barnyard,
Carmel California's fabled shopping center

I enjoyed your talk very much at the American Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons in Boston, MA last week. Your presentation was one of the most well organized and attention riveting that I can recall. Your message, although very multi-faceted was refreshing. You essentially told all of us what our parents tried to instill years ago and what we as parents are trying to integrate into our own children: the value of individual purpose, integrity and service to others (forgive my over-simplification). Please keep up your work, it is very valuable to many of us out here.

- Joseph C. Benacci, MD

I wanted to extend our sincere thanks for your uplifting and motivating presentation at our 67th Annual Scientific Meeting. I can't begin to tell you how many positive comments we received from our members in attendance. As I have mentioned, this is a pretty tough audience, but you really hit home with them!

Carol L. Lazier, CMP

A Sample of Emails After Tom Morris Talks:

Tom: You're a rock star! We loved your talk ... it was fun, inspiring and practical, too! I've carried my 7 C's card around for about a year now and I imagine the rest of the executive gang will begin to do the same. Thanks again for making a difference in our lives.


Tom: I had the privilege of hearing you speak last week. Your presentation changed my life. The energy and love for life and living life that you exemplified set my mind on fire. I am staring at your 7 Cs of Success card since it is now taped to my computer monitor. You are da bomb!!!


Hi Tom! I just had to send you an email about your keynote speech at the AQUA show. It rocked!

Usually, I don?t attend those portions of shows as I have been to a few that just dragged on and on. You, on the other hand, made it exciting! I had a ton of energy after seeing you, and felt like I was able to expand business with out as much fear as I normally would have. This email is strictly to let you know how much I really enjoyed your speech.


Hi Tom - Our executives thought you were outstanding! It was such a pleasure to meet you - you were as good as we thought you were going to be, and even better (but don't let that go to your head ... ha, ha!).


I have never been turned on by philosophers but was entranced and engaged this afternoon. It was the most fun I have ever had learning about people I assumed were boring (yes I am shallow and simple in many ways)...{WRITER THEN SHARES A WORK LIFE PROBLEM}.... Your advice will be much appreciated. I honestly feel a burden already lifted just from your words and want to seize the energy and conviction I currently feel.


Tom - I had the pleasure of hearing you speak on True Success, and I wanted to be sure that I thanked you for the motivation that you have given me. The "7 Cs" appear to be an excellent formula to utilize in order to ensure a long and lucrative career. I really enjoyed your speech. You are a wonderful speaker.


You certainly lit up the crowd.  I've seen a lot of different speakers in front of this group of agents, and your blend of humor, entertainment, intelligence and thoughtful insights for living a richer life were right on target.


Dr. Morris: I was intrigued by your request to send you an email with reactions from your speech...so here it is. First of all, your 'packed' speech was phenomenal and your energy and happiness were so refreshing. However, I felt like crying after it was over because I realized that, after seven years in my career, I perhaps did not really 'know myself' or 'enjoy myself'. Don't get me wrong, I love what I do for our clients, but as a type A person I will do well with whatever task I am given. I realized that I got pleasure from the end result - a job well done, but was I happy along the way? Not like I should be. Thanks for opening some windows for me (don't worry, I am not going to jump out of any of them). How do I get to truly know myself at this point? It sounds ridiculous to ask that question, but I honestly feel like I am a product of what I think I am supposed to be... I can't believe that I don't know and I turn 30 next week! What I do know is that I want my pathos back. Thanks for the class!


Tom - thank you for speaking to us at the recent leadership seminar; not only did it help validate my existence within the company, but it has helped me validate my personal goals with my family. It was a pleasure having you with us and I hope to obtain some of your literature in the near future.


Tom Morris was OUTSTANDING! He is one of the most gracious, fun-loving, intuitive, substantive, knowledgeable, well-informed, absolutely SMART speakers I have ever worked with. I just LOVE him! The evaluations are wonderful. He was great and met all of our expectations and more. I hope to book him many more times and we would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a keynote speaker. Tom is so "all-around" knowledgeable, that he can really speak to just about any topic. Thank you for working with us on this booking. Our experience was one we hope to repeat!


Best presentation I have heard - ever!


Tom, I'm waiting to board a flight back to NY. One word describes your contribution to our college - outstanding! Thanks for bringing your great insight and energy to our program. I'll follow-up with you soon. Don (Deloitte)


Dear Dr Morris: Congratulations on a 'tour de force' at our ISI conference!  

You will be delighted to hear that our planning sessions at the end of the proceedings were peppered with the 7 Cs.  Emotional commitment could be heard everywhere in the passionate debates over our next steps and, with the help of precursive faith, I even managed a half decent second act to your excellent first.


The true test of motivational speaking comes, of course, when the surreal world of a conference location is left behind and the audience finds itself once again in the more mundane and familiar environment of work.  I am delighted to report that the 7 Cs vocabulary was much in evidence today as were several requests for extra copies of True Success.  Inspiration has taken root and widely.   You have achieved exactly the result we were seeking.  


Many thanks, again, for changing your schedule to accommodate our conference, and for traveling on such an important day.  Our thanks to your wife on this account, too.  We hope your anniversary celebrations went off on cue and that tiredness did not diminish the fun.

Personally, I greatly enjoyed your company on Wednesday evening. On Thursday, I was just as energized by your philosophy at this third time of hearing as at my first.

You are rightly our Mars Philosopher! Many thanks.  


Greetings, Tom! It was WONDERFUL meeting you at the Consorta event. I can't begin to tell you how much I enjoyed your presentation!  I was inspired and motivated to adapt your principles included in the 7 Cs.  It also makes me want to recommend you to other clients now that I have seen you "up close and personal". - Julie Efaw (Co-agent with WSB)


Mary Lou and I enjoyed your enthusiastic, humorous, insightful talk tonight; we will continue to discuss your examples and try to figure out where we are going.


Tom: I so very much enjoyed your presentation. Your points were right on target. Thanks again for such an intriguing, captivating, motivational speech!  I picked up some great ideas!  Thanks!


Tom: At the end of every conference we conduct a brief survey.  One of the questions is "What was the single most valuable part of the conference for you?"  I haven't finished tabulating yet, but you're currently leading by far!


Tom: It was a true delight to spend time with you. You did a great job, and we are already trying to figure ways to incorporate you again.


Hello Tom - I was fortunate to attend your presentation in Orlando during the physicians? conference at the Ritz. I must admit I have never read or participated in any motivational or self-help book or program. Your program and book are OUTSTANDING - the plastic 7 Cs card is taped to my monitor at this moment (and has been since I returned to my clinic). This framework is improving my life, my practice and my relationships daily - Thank You! If I can ever do anything for you or your family, please let me know.

Dr. Kelly D. Grimes


Tom: It was wonderful to see you in Orlando. Everyone loved the chance to see and hear you. I know that you have been riding the rocket. When you travel that fast, it is hard to measure the effect that you have had on others. I know, because I am watching from the sidelines, that you have been a truly amazing and positive force in the universe. For some reason, I always think of you as being a little bit like Buddha, in the sense of your being the "enlightened one." I look forward to that opportunity to sit and talk, which I know will happen in God's good time.


Tom: I saw you speak at last year's Georgia Hospital Association meeting in Amelia Island. It was fantastic. Since then, I have read, "if Aristotle ran GM.", and I want to share the principles with my management team.


Tom: Thank you so much for your insight and clear presentation "If Aristotle Ran General Motors." I have used this to present your ideas to my employees and my CEO group.


Good afternoon Tom: Thank you for being the "closer" for this year's Conference! I've never seen so many people stay until the speaker's last word at the closing session!


Two Sample Stories on Life and Business Changes
From Talks on True Success and the 7 Cs Card

To Tom Morris: I attended the recent Quality Leadership conference and heard your presentation. I recall hearing you at another conference years ago. At that time you also handed out the small cards with the 7 C's on it. I want to tell you about the difference it made in my life.

I am a divorced mother of two children. I worked full time and was struggling to get through an undergrad program to get my BS in nursing. I was a diploma 3 year grad with an additional 2 years of psych therapy training...they gave me credit for 2 years of college and I had another 2 years to complete. I worked full time, cared for 2 children, went to school evenings and weekends. There were semesters when I couldn't take any classes because my children needed me at home. I knew I had to get through that program because I wanted a graduate degree in Public Health Administration.

I taped your card with the 7 C's on my computer and for 7 years it was my daily reminder of what I needed to do to get to my goal. I would often sit at my computer late at night after my children were in bed. It would be 9 or 10 pm and I would be facing another night of five to six hours of writing. Many nights when I was bone tired, thinking I would never get through all the work ahead, I would look at the 7 C's taped to my computer and focus again on my goal. Many times I was close to giving up. I did graduate with my BA in nursing (it took 11 years, but I did it!) and was admitted to the U of M Carlson School of Management the same year my daughter started at Marquette University in engineering. We both graduated 4 years later. I have a Masters in Healthcare Administration and am director of Community Health and Church Relations at my hospital now. My children are proud of me and I hope I am a model to them of lifelong learning.

Thank you for the tool that kept me going.


Hi Tom: It's been a while since we communicated, so I thought that it might be time to give you an update as to the progress of my group. I have some amazing results to share with you, and will in a second. Before I do, though, I want to tell you how much I appreciate your helping me with the 7Cs as I continue my endeavor to become a great, focused leader. When I rolled the 7Cs out to my group in December and asked them to commit to them with me this year, I was enthusiastic and hopeful that by keeping focused on the 7Cs we'd see a huge lift in results and overall well-being, and boy have I been excited to see the progress.

I'll give you a little perspective: In December when I introduced the 7Cs to my group, we were ranked the 217th district in the country out of 255 districts and morale was low. Since December, we've made a steady climb in the rankings and currently sit at number 19 in the country with outstanding results across the board. More important than our rankings, though, is the overall mindset and morale of my team. I have truly built a team committed to achievement both in their business lives and in their personal lives. We've created an atmosphere that is devoted to consistent, week-to-week accomplishment and a mentality of not letting anyone fail. Perhaps most important, however, is that I've focused a lot of my energy and attention on making sure people are enjoying their successes and taken more than a passing interest in making sure that their lives are enriched away from American Express. It's truly astounding what has happened here and I couldn't be more grateful to you for helping me to focus on the 7Cs this year.

I've also grown my group from 6 in December to 16 now and am slowly earning a reputation of being a leader that people want to work for and a leader that people want to work with. I'm so encouraged and energized that I can't even begin to describe how good it feels. From the bottom of my heart: thanks for your support. We've only just begun here and still have work to do, but I'm optimistic that we will reach our goal of being one of the top ten districts by the end of this year. I'm getting ready to revisit the 7Cs with my group as we reach mid-year and am convinced that the 7Cs have made a huge difference this year with my team. - TL


TOM: I'm excited to tell you two really neat things. First, we have made an incredible amount of progress in the13 months that I've been here.  I've grown the office from 14 advisors to 32 advisors and I lost one all of last year.  We have managed to climb in the company rankings from 85th when I arrived here to 3rd at year-end for 2005.  Pretty amazing results!  We've managed to create a very positive work environment with the right people, built around the right shared values.  The 7Cs are a part of my orientation process now. I have all of my new advisors watch the video and let them know that they are ingrained in all that we try to do here.  They were a part of my business planning at year end for my current group and we have quarterly 7Cs days set up to work through the workbook as the year progresses to keep them centered on life success.

Also, I'm most proud of this: I recently returned from our annual conference in Orlando where I was bestowed with one of 3 "Outstanding Leader" awards for people with my position.  It was amazing!  You have to be nominated by your advisors to even be considered and then our senior leadership team narrows down the nominees to a core group.  They then decide on the winners.  I was nominated by 12 advisors, both of my managers, and my leader.  I knew I was nominated for the award, but I certainly didn't expect to win it...very few have ever won the award in their first year as a VP, so my expectations were low -- funny story, they announce the winners by reading what advisors write about you and as I was sitting there with no expectations, I actually turned to my colleague and said "this sounds like a great leader".  And then, much to my surprise, they invited me up to the stage in front of my peers to accept the award.  What a great feeling!  Clearly, we're on the right track and having fun in the process. TL, March 9, 2006


Sample Reactions To Tom?s Books

Tom: I saw you several years ago in Houston and have held you since in the company of those rare few in history uniquely capable of articulating what others can only vaguely organize in their own minds. I think I sent you a note once before telling you the Houston presentation was a truly formative influence in the (ongoing) development of my own philosophies on life.

I had seen "Philosophy For Dummies" at the bookstore for some time but had never noticed you were the author. When I did, I purchased it and once again was rewarded by your rich, distinctive examination of life's mysteries. No book has so captivated me since I read Tom Sawyer when I was twelve years old.

Keep doing what you're doing. You strike a chord with me and many others that resonates like a solid thunderclap in the midst of a chaotic rainstorm.


Tom: Some books that you read are good books and other books change your life. I just completed reading "If Aristotle Ran General Motors" and it is a life-changing book. Thank you.


Tom: I want to let you know that our office is about to finish discussing "If Aristotle Ran General Motors" and the change is amazing.  Our staff seems a lot happier now and more content and considerate of each other.  Thank you for all your help.  Your books have had the most influence on me as a self-trained manager.  I just thought you should know you helped us and we all appreciate it. 


Dr. Morris: I just finished your book, "The Art of Achievement" and thought it was truly fantastic! I have read a lot of good books but I think this is the best guidebook for what it takes to achieve that I have come across. The books that I've read by Brian Tracy, Denis Waitley and Anthony Robbins have some of the same content but the structure is just not nearly as logical and precise or as complete.


Dr. Morris: I have just finished reading your latest book "The Art of Achievement." WOW! Simply mind blowing. You put it so simply. I served in the Marine Corps '90-'96, so I naturally have an interest in your book, "The Everyday Patriot." I will be ordering soon. I will not stop until I've read all of your works. I have pretty hefty dreams that I want to turn into goals and your books are helping me with that.


Good Day Mr. Morris: A few years ago I discovered your book - read it - put it away - then last year I started using it in Life Skills Classes I present for The Salvation Army - We serve people who have been incarcerated and are starting on new paths in life. The 7 Cs are extremely helpful and give them direction. A copy of the 7 Cs of Success is on display on a bulletin board.


Dear Mr. Morris: I would like to thank you for your excellent book "The Stoic Art of Living".  I cannot recall how I ever came across it on Amazon.com but I am glad I did.  It looked interesting so I purchased it and read it. I have now read it twice, taking extensive notes with the second reading. 

I have read many many books in the area of self-help, philosophy etc. I have always been a "seeker". By all appearances I would be what many consider "successful", great income in a respected profession (medicine), well educated and that sort of thing. I have always felt there is something missing however.  Your book has helped me clarify exactly what that is. I have made the necessary changes, I have eliminated some bad habits and I am working on some good ones!

I am going to purchase several more copies of this book for friends.  If it helps even one of them as much as it has helped me I will be very pleased.  Thank you again!


The Influence of Positive Ideas Outside the Business World

Mr. Roland B., Prisoner #667252
High Security - Clements A - Block Cell 217
9601 Spur 591 Amarillo, TX 79107

This letter I?m writting is in regards to, Professor Tom V. Morris. I am in search of the Professor, to complement on his book that I just read; the title of the book, ?True Success?...I was very , very, true as its title, and I enjoyed every word of it. It was intresting as well as intellectual, not to mention his humor throught the book...

The other reason I would like to get a hold of the Professor, is that, I am hoping to see if I could get some of his other books that he has written throught the years of his teachings.. At the current moment, I am incarsirated in Texas, and due for release in 2003, and I am trying to read all I can on how to become very successful, I know that there is more to life in this world. Not only personal success, and recognition in the business world, but to utilize the success I seek, in to giving it back to the people in need, to make a differents upon this earth and the world we live in, for that matter.. ?Yes, that?s the Idea?, to help others that need that extra push to better themselves, as I have once needed.

I hope that your University can be some help to me in attain, either the address where Professor Morris?s office is, or perhaps you all could have this letter deliver to the Professor, there at the University of Notre Dame. I really need to get awhole of the professor Morris, I know that the books he has written can and will be a big help to me, in the future, and at this second chance at life, for I know that corresponding with the Professor He will also be a big influence in my journey through this life, because he speaks the truth, that can only come from the heart and deep within the soul.

For he and his books, as well as his knowledge, and wisdom, has indeed help many others in my possion to become the greatness they ever thought or dream of, and that is ?True Success?.

I close this letter with great gratitude towards the Professor TomV. Morris, and the University of Notre Dame, for all the help and influence, with his material, once again Thank you. And hope to hear from you all soon.

Sincerely, ROLANDO B.


New York Times
January 5, 2000

If Plato Ran His In-Law's Insurance Company


Shortly after Lauren Patch took over his father-in-law's Cincinnati insurance business, Ohio Casualty, eight years ago, he made a decision: He would resist overtures from larger insurers to buy the company.

It was a risky course in an industry where the giants have a history of absorbing or crushing smaller rivals. So Mr. Patch sought outside advice. But not from an ordinary business consultant. No, Mr. Patch hired Tom Morris, a professional philosopher, to impart to him the wisdom of the ages. And, by carefully studying the admonitions of such seers as Aristotle, Plato, Seneca and Machiavelli, and applying them to the management of his company, he says, it has flourished.

"The insurance business has been unprofitable, but within those things that a manager can control -- like employee and customer attitudes -- things have gotten better," Mr. Patch said. "If your employees wear anxieties on their sleeves as management changes, those affect customer attitudes. As we went forward and followed a lot of things the philosophers said, people have begun to understand and trust us. Customers feel much better about the relationship, and as that satisfaction improves so does our success."

Philosophical counseling, though still in its infancy, seems to be catching on. Dr. Morris's book, If Aristotle Ran General Motors:The New Soul of Business (Henry Holt & Company, 1997) has sold about 75,000 hardcover copies in two years. And the number of philosophical practitioners has grown sharply from just a handful five years ago, in part as the result of lobbying by Lou Marinoff, a philosophy professor at City College and the author of Plato Not Prozac!: Applying Philosophy to Everyday Problems (HarperCollins, 1999). Membership in the American Philosophical Practitioners Association, which he began in April, has grown to more than 175 since then, he said, and so far 50 of them have been certified to practice as counselors and consultants in 14 states and several foreign countries.

"The theory of Socratic dialogue is to keep your mind open and be willing to exercise doubt," said Dr. Marinoff, who with his bushy beard and contemplative gaze looks like he'd be perfectly at home in a toga and sandals. "People who have too much faith and not enough doubt tend to get dogmatic."

That's what had happened at Ohio Casualty, which writes property and casualty business. In 1991, Mr. Patch had just been promoted to president of the publicly traded company, taking over day-to-day control from his father-in-law, who remained chairman. With 4,200 employees, $5 billion in assets and $17 billion in premiums, Ohio Casualty wasn't small enough to be a niche player, but it also wasn't big enough to compete with larger companies. "We really had to differentiate ourselves in a way that customers would appreciate so we could sustain the business," he said. It would have been easy to sell the company, he says, but he rejected all feelers. Still, he knew that many companies of Ohio Casualty's size had been priced out of the market in recent years. So Mr. Patch brought in Dr. Morris, the founder of the Morris Institute for Human Values, a Wilmington, N.C., think tank that applies philosophical teachings to contemporary business. Some of the questions he ponders: How do you move people to new forms of behavior? How does a company set valuable objectives from the start? How do you attain a deep sense of fulfillment? How do you get people to trust change?

Dr. Morris, who taught philosophy at Notre Dame for 15 years, said his approach was basically to get employees "to think more deeply about their jobs" as a source of personal fulfillment rather than just something they must do. It might sound a little corny, but, he said, studying the works of the ancient Greek philosophers inspired employees at Ohio Casualty to think in new ways about fulfilling their lives in ways that would also have the practical effect of revivifying the company.

"Lauren had taken over a company that had long been run in the old authoritarian, command-and-control style," Dr. Morris said. "He was trying hard to make a transition to a team-oriented, empowered organization. But people had old habits of mind and just weren't getting it yet. It was in that context that I first consulted Aristotle's Politics and latched on to his view of a city as, ideally, "a partnership for living well." If this could be the ideal essence of a city, then why not of a company?"

With Dr. Morris as facilitator, the group discussed and defined different types of leaders, from Machiavelli's prince to more benign role models. They also talked about the nature of change and how to prepare for it. "You don't get through change without a change in leadership," he said. They explored the seven universal conditions for success -- conception, confidence, concentration, consistency, commitment, character and capacity to enjoy -- that he says he culled from the teachings of Aristotle and Plato. And they talked about implementing them in the work environment.

Once the decision was taken to stay independent, the next question was: How? Ohio Casualty realized it had to grow to stay competitive, and last December, it acquired the Great American Insurance Company, a unit of the American Financial Group in Cincinnati, increasing its size by about a third.

The merger of two companies can be stressful for employees, who worry about how their careers will be affected and who have to adjust to new co-workers, and here, Mr. Patch said, the ancient Greeks and Romans, and Indians and Chinese, too, came in handy.

"No philosopher wrote about mergers and acquisitions per se, but many talked about adapting to change," Mr. Patch said. "If you were a Stoic, they counseled you on looking at a problem without emotion. When you deal w ith people it can be so difficult, they attach all kinds of emotion and distort perceptions. Tom's teaching prepared people for the types of anxieties they would deal with in any kind of business transaction."

Philosophical counselors say they make around $75 to $100 an hour for one-on-one sessions, comparable with what psychologists make. And Dr. Morris, who has also done consulting for the Pontiac division of General Motors, Coca-Cola and Merrill Lynch, says he makes $20,000 to $30,000 for his corporate speeches.

He quotes Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics: "You cannot possibly pay a philosopher what he's worth, but try your best."

Copyright 2000 The New York Times Company

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