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Ancient Wisdom for Modern Life.

Our Institute Fellows

The Fellows of the Morris Institute work to bring wisdom to life for people throughout the world, serving corporations, associations, civic groups, small businesses, colleges, universities, and both governmental and non-governmental organizations at every level, as well as individuals committed to extraordinary personal growth. They can speak, coach, consult, and teach on issues of success, leadership, ethics, wisdom, relationship excellence, and many other topics of interest and crucial importance for a life well lived.

You might see a Morris Institute Fellow in Athens, Greece, addressing some of the top business consultants in Europe, or live by satellite speaking to a national convention in Brazil. Fellows have brought philosophy in person to audiences and clients in such countries as Canada, Australia, England, and Turkey, as well as in the larger cities and smaller towns of America. They offer workshops, consultations, training sessions, and keynote talks on a wide variety of topics. These links will take you to their web pages here. Please contact them as directed at the bottoms of their pages for availability.

A Morris Institute Fellow will always give you a great session steeped in practical wisdom, and leave you with powerful ideas you can use right away.

David O'Connor
Professor of Philosophy at Notre Dame
Senior Fellow for the Institute

John G. Stackhouse, Jr.
Professor of Theology and Culture at Regent College
Senior Fellow for the Institute

David Rendall
Founder and Principal, Rendall & Associates
Associate Fellow for the Institute

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The Morris Institute is based on the philosophical work of Tom Morris
and the Morris Institute Fellows, as they bring wisdom to life for people throughout the world.

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