What Is Your Destiny?
Robert Woods

"Company morale is at an all time low." "Overall production is down." "I am miserable even though I have everything that should make me happy." "We just aren't working together." "There is no sense of 'team' here." "Our organization is headed no where fast."

If you or anyone in your organization has ever made one of the above statements then I recommed a great new book. The book is a helpful treatise in part based on a reflection of the ancient Greek philosopher, Heraclitus who said, "Character Is Destiny." It is a terrific little handbook that clearly demonstrates that the most fulfilled and meaningful lives are lived by those who are people of strong moral character.

Even though the book is only 192 pages in length, Character Is Destiny , by Russell W. Gough, it is one of the best books written on everyday ethics in the past ten years. This thoughtful gift from an astute Pepperdine Philosophy professor is filled with antecdotes and packed with lots of genuinely helpful tips for developing the habits essential for becoming a truly ethical and happy person.

From the description of the two unique experiences of the author that start the book through the "Ethics Checklist" at the end, this book is rich with numerous insights in the how and why of living a life grounded in ethical character.

One bit of evidence that shows the character of the author is the gentle but persuasive manner in which he courageously challenges such notions as "You can't teach an old dog, new tricks". He also distinguishes between personality and character while making a strong case that they are not the same thing. He states that while our personality may be one way, shaped by a variety of factors, our character can and should always be improving.

Dr. Gough uses the metaphor of a garden to explore the idea that certain habits are like weeds that must be up-rooted before more lovely and productive flowers can take full root. Both in our individual lives and in relation to all others we encounter, it is the everyday habits that most profoundly shape us and our relationships.

The book includes a "virtue test" and an extremely important section on role-models, in addition to offering a range of quotes that can potentially produce thought provoking reflection that may change your life for the better.

So, what is your destiny? Let me encourage you to read a copy of Russell Gough's Character Is Destiny and begin acting today to change your character for the better. You will alter your destiny for the good of yourself and all who come in contact with you.

To purchase a copy of the book rewied: Russell Gough's Character Is Destiny


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