The Practical Power of the 7 Cs

Craig Wheeler
Partner, Echelon Sales

(Note: This letter was written when Craig was working with Resort Management Associates and leading sales efforts for the Ginn Corporation.)

Dear Tom,
It was great speaking to you the other day and I am glad to hear that your business is growing daily and in the direction that you would like to see it go. The way I see it, when your business grows, that only means that you are able to reach more people with your great message. It is really exciting if you sit still for one minute and think of all the lives that you are making a MAJOR POSITIVE impact on. If we truly go through life with a desire to help others, you should be honored to know that you are achieving "True Success".

This is why I am writing today. After hearing your message delivered about the 7 Cs of success in 1995, the sales and marketing team at the St. James Plantation resort development quickly made this tape and its message part of our theme for the year. I found myself listening to it daily and over the course of that year, as odd as it sounds, I probably listened to that one tape several hundred times. Having a forty-five minute drive to and from work mades that possible. It just so happens that during that year our team finished up around 110% over budget (budget 12 million, actual 25 million) and 10 out of 15 sales representatives had record years. Of all the Inspirational and motivational tapes that I have listened to, this one truly made the biggest impact on my life.

In 1998, I accepted a job as the Sales and Marketing Director for two master planned communities owned by Weyerhaeuser Real Estate Company. I was inheriting two sales teams, which had experienced success to a degree but were looking to move to the next level. There were many speeches made to myself (positive self-talk) and I certainly had the Precursive faith needed to make this experience a successful one. But I reinforced my beliefs with your message on achieving true success, EVERY SINGLE MOMENT I was in my car. It was incredible how your message encouraged me along the way.

When I was initially introduced to the team, I spoke to them about my beliefs and where I wanted to see the team go. I talked a lot about passion, character and truly caring about the happiness of other people. I discuss how I believed true success would come from seeing pleasure on the faces of our customers and then we would realize our own dreams. I pointed out, though, that you can not have true success without enjoying the process along the way and this was our ultimate goal. To illustrate my point, I played an excerpt from your tape about the way we see ourselves in our jobs and the passion we put into our efforts. At that point I really connected with everyone and I believe they saw my true concern for their happiness instead of just "making them sell more property". I followed this up by giving them all pocket cards with the 7 Cs of success and they all have gone on to great things.

Tom, ultimately, I am writing this because I know that we all will be on this earth a very short amount of time and I believe that true success will be measured not by our accomplishments made but by how much we help other people. This is why I am so moved and excited by your message. I truly believe that if it is applied to any aspect of one's life, business or personal, major improvements will be seen quickly. Since receiving my tape 4 years ago, I have given every member of the sales team a copy of it, and probably have passed out over 100 of your pocket cards. I have even given them out on an airplane to a complete stranger when I began talking to him and and realized that he could use a little help.

In my current work with Resort Management Associates, I continue to see the power of the 7 Cs of Success. We are breaking all sorts of records, and we attribute so much of our success to those simple and yet powerful conditions.

Although this letter is lengthy, it was important for me to communicate to you how much a difference you have made in my life and the people's lives on whom I have influence. I look forward to our continued contact and continuing to strive to discover the true essence of success.

A Friend and Supporter,
Craig Wheeler


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